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Plan 9 from Outer Space

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Dudley Manlove as Eros: "We will do as you command... for the moment."

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Tom Keene as Col. Tom Edwards: "Why is it so important that you want to contact the governments of our Earth?"

Dudley Manlove as Eros: "Because of death... Because all you of Earth are idiots!"

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Criswell as the narrator: "There comes a time in each man's life when he can't even believe his own eyes."

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Criswell: "At the funeral of the old man, unknown to his mourners, his dead wife was watching."

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Dudley Manlove: "You are on the verge of destroying the entire universe."

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Dudley Manlove: "Our entire aim is for the development of our planet."

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Dudley Manlove: "We did not come here as enemies. We came only with friendly intentions – to talk, to ask your aid."

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Criswell: "And now, for the first time, we are bringing to you the full story of what happened."

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Criswell: "We are all interested in the future, for that is where you and I are going to spend the rest of our lives. And remember, my friend, future events such as these will affect you in the future."

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Criswell: "God, help us, in the future."

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Mona McKinnon as Paula Trent: "Well, I have to have something to keep me company while you're away. Sometimes in the night, when it does get a little lonely, I reach over and touch it. Then it doesn't seem so lonely anymore."

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Dudley Manlove: "It's because of men like you that all must be destroyed... headstrong, violent, no use of the mind God gave you."

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Duke Moore as Lt. John Harper: "Mrs. Trent, you better stay with the car."

Mona McKinnon: "Stay here alone? Not on your life."

Moore: "Modern women."

Tom Keene as Col. Tom Edwards: "Yeah, they've been that way all down through the ages... especially in a spot like this."

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Tom Keene: "This is the most fantastic story I've ever heard."

Gregory Walcott as Jeff Trent: "And every word of it's true, too."

Keene: "That's the fantastic part of it."

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Duke Moore: "One thing's sure... Inspector Clay is dead... murdered... and somebody's responsible."

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Patrolman: "Say, Lieutenant... Did ya get that funny odor?"

Duke Moore: "How could I miss it?"

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John Breckinridge as The Ruler: "What plan will you follow now?"

Dudley Manlove: "Plan 9. It's been absolutely impossible to work through these Earth creatures. Their soul is too controlled."

Breckinridge: "Plan 9... Have you attempted any of this plan as yet?"

Manlove: "Yes, Excellency!"

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Criswell: "My friend, you have seen this incident based on sworn testimony. Can you prove that it didn't happen?"

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John Breckinridge: "The old one must be sacrificed."

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Criswell: "My friend, we cannot keep this a secret any longer."

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Dudley Manlove: "Ya see?? Ya see?? Your stupid minds! Stupid! Stupid!"

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Dudley Manlove: "Yes, Excellency. It'll be done."

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