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The Honeymooners

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Jackie Gleason as Ralph Kramden: "Bang, zoom!"

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Jackie Gleason: "I got a big mouth!!"

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Jackie Gleason: "You... are a blabbermouth!"

31 KB

Jackie Gleason: "You... are a bum."

18 KB

Jackie Gleason: "What do you mean, I'm not an expert?"

23 KB

Jackie Gleason: "Baby, you’re the greatest."

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Jackie Gleason: "Hamana, hamana, hamana."

30 KB

Jackie Gleason: "Har-har-har-dee-har-har."

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Audrey Meadows as Alice Kramden: "I'm not gonna help you make an idiot out of yourself."

Jackie Gleason: "I don't need your help. I'll do it myself."

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Jackie Gleason: "What does 'icky' mean?"

Art Carney as Ed Norton: "I don't know. Why?"

Gleason: "Alice just said I was icky."

Carney: "Must mean fat."

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Audrey Meadows, seductively: "I won't be gone long, killer. I call you 'killer' cuz you slay me."

Jackie Gleason: "And I'm calling Belleview, cuz you're nuts!"

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Jackie Gleason: "Listen to this! Get something in your head, Alice! I'm the king here! Remember that. This house is my castle! I'm the king! Remember that! King, king, king! You are nothing, a peasant! This is my house, my castle! I'm the king!"

32 KB

Jackie Gleason: "Hey, here's a little letter. I've been waiting for this."

75 KB

Art Carney: "But, I guess as time goes on, I grew older. I matured."

Jackie Gleason: "Yeah, now you're a full-grown nut."

73 KB

Jackie Gleason: "One of these days... One of these days... Pow! Right in the kisser!"

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Audrey Meadows: "One of these days, Ralph... One of these days... Pow! Right in the kisser!"

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Jackie Gleason: "Peanuts, peanuts. What am I gonna do with peanuts?"

Audrey Meadows: "Eat 'em, like any other elephant."

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Audrey Meadows: "You men just think that you own this world."

Jackie Gleason: "Yeah, but you women get revenge. You marry us."

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Jackie Gleason: "You're a riot, Alice. You're a regular riot. Hope they like those jokes on the Moon 'cause that's where you're goin'."

159 KB

Art Carney: "Everybody please be calm. Don't worry about a thing. I know exactly where we are, and I don't need no road map, either."

Jackie Gleason: "How can you do that?"

Carney: "Well, the Sun is over there. That means, uh, that's the west, there's the north, and there's the south."

Gleason: "Well, where are we?"

Carney: "Right smack in the middle."

67 KB

Art Carney: "A sewer worker is like a brain surgeon. We're both specialists."

53 KB

Audrey Meadows: "Aaaaaahhh, shaddup."

100 KB

Art Carney: "Ralph?"

Jackie Gleason: "What."

Carney: "Mind if I smoke?"

Gleason: "I don't care if ya burn."

79 KB

Jackie Gleason: "The bills will get bigger and bigger, and I'll get less to eat. I'll start losing weight. Then you know what I'll look like?"

Audrey Meadows: "Yeah – a human being."

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