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File Name & Size Description of Wav Sound
Elmer be very quiet
91 KB

Elmer Fudd singing: "Be very quiet. I'm hunting wabbit."

24 KB

Elmer: "Hey, you! Come back here!"

44 KB

Elmer Fudd singing: "A-hunting I will go to catch a wong-eared wabbit!"

58 KB

Elmer Fudd: "There's something screwy around here."

22 KB

Elmer Fudd: "Wabbit twacks!"

26 KB

Foghorn Leghorn: "No, no, no! You're doin' it all wrong!"

29 KB

Foghorn Leghorn: "That boy's about as sharp as a bowling ball."

27 KB

Foghorn Leghorn: "Boy's got a mouth like a cannon – always shootin' it off."

17 KB

Foghorn Leghorn: "Any of this gettin' through to ya, son?"

41 KB

Foghorn Leghorn: "Well, when ya, I say, when ya gotta go, ya gotta go."

24 KB

Foghorn Leghorn: "I got a splittin' headache."

24 KB

Foghorn Leghorn: "Stand up, boy. You're trippin' over your own feet."

24 KB

Foghorn Leghorn: "That's a joke, son. Don't ya get it?"

37 KB

Foghorn Leghorn: "You're way off, I say, you're way off this time, son."

35 KB

Granny: "My, my! You must be in terrible pain."

34 KB

Elmer Fudd singing: "I'm going to kill the wabbit!"

113 KB

Elmer Fudd singing: "Kill the wabbit, kill the wabbit, kill the wabbit!"

Bugs Bunny: "Kill the wabbit?"

219 KB

Elmer Fudd: "I will do it with my spear and magic helmet!"

Bugs Bunny: "Your spear and magic helmet?"

Fudd: "Spear and magic helmet!"

Bugs: "Magic helmet?"

Fudd: "Magic helmet!"

Bugs (skeptical): "Magic helmet."

Fudd singing: "Yes, magic helmet! And I'll give you a sample!"

63 KB

Marvin the Martian: "You have made me very angry. Very angry indeed."

27 KB

Martian: "That wasn't a bit nice."

40 KB

Marvin: "Well, back to the old drawing board."

217 KB

Michigan Frog sings "Ragtime Gal."

22 KB

Sound effects for Nasty Canasta drinking: "Gurgle, gurgle, gurgle, gurgle."

73 KB

Porky Pig: "Oh, son of a bi-bi, son of a bi-bi, son of a gun! Ha, ha, ha! You thought I was gonna say son of a <beep!>, didn't you?"

Porky that's all folks
17 KB

Porky Pig: "That's all, folks!"

26 KB

Roadrunner: "Beep, beep! P'tuh tuuh tuuh"

37 KB

Sylvester: "I don't care how big ya are! Come out fightin'!"

28 KB

Sylvester: "Aahhhh, shaddup!!"

22 KB

Sylvester: "Sufferin' succotash!"

87 KB

Tasmanian Devil ranting and raving.

56 KB

Tweety: "Atta puppy dog! Give 'im another hit in the head! Bad ol' puddy tat!"

20 KB

Tweety Bird: "C'mon! I ain't got all day!"

29 KB

Tweety Bird: "Ya know, I wose more puddy tats that way."

24 KB

Tweety: "I tawt I taw a puddy tat!"

27 KB

Yosemite Sam: "Oh, you stupid little idiot!"

85 KB

Sam: "Ya better say yur prayers, ya flea-bitten varmint! I'm-a gonna blow ya to smithereenees!"

29 KB

Yosemite Sam: "C'mon! Quit stallin'!"

23 KB

Yosemite Sam: "Great horny toads!"

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