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17 KB

Announcer: "Tune in tomorrow... same Bat-time, same Bat-channel."

Batman music SFX
11 KB

Music stinger.

Batman theme
17 KB

First part of theme song.

38 KB

Adam West as Batman: "To the Batmobile!... Let's go!"

SFX: Batmobile energizing.

Burt Ward as Robin: "Atomic batteries to power... Turbines to speed."

West: "Ready to move out."

SFX: Batmobile takes off.


11 KB

Adam West: "Boys and girls, go back to your studies. Believe me – nothing in life is free!"

Can batman escape
15 KB

Announcer: "Can Batman escape? One hint... the worst is yet to come!"

24 KB

Announcer: "Tune in tomorrow... same Cat-time, same Cat-channel."

21 KB

Adam West: "Oh, Catwoman... Catwoman, will you never learn?"

7 KB

Adam West: "You filthy criminals."

You lie!
17 KB

Adam West: "So, you didn't tell the truth."

Julie Newmar as Catwoman: "Did you ever hear of a crook who did?"

9 KB

Burt Ward: "Here's a dime. Call Commissioner Gordon."

Holy alphabet
4 KB

Burt Ward: "Holy alphabet!"

Holy ball and chain
4 KB

Burt Ward: "Holy ball and chain!"

Holy caffeine
10 KB

Burt Ward: "Holy caffeine!"

Holy fruit salad
5 KB

Burt Ward: "Holy fruit salad!"

Holy heart failure
5 KB

Burt Ward: "Holy heart failure!"

Holy hole
4 KB

Burt Ward: "Holy hole in a doughnut!"

Holy las vegas
10 KB

Burt Ward: "Holy Las Vegas!"

Holy mashed potatoes
4 KB

Burt Ward: "Holy mashed potatoes!"

Holy nightmare
4 KB

Burt Ward: "Holy nightmare!"

Meet the joker
8 KB

Cesar Romero as the Joker: "Hello, kiddies! Meet the Joker!"

52 KB

Burt Ward: "Do you feel all right, Ma'am?"

Woman: "Hmm? Oh, yes, certainly. It's just that I've read so often about you and Batman in the press, and, well, the experience of actually viewing you in the flesh is, frankly, faint-making."

Adam West: "Please, Ms. Stoneman, there's no reason to be disturbed."

Ward: "That's right. Behind our masks, we're perfectly ordinary people."

Riddler laugh
7 KB

Frank Gorshin as the Riddler, laughing.

22 KB

Adam West: "Four against one?"

Burt Ward: "Four against two, Batman!"

West: "Robin."

Ward: "I couldn't resist. You were taken in by her, but... I'm too young for that sort of thing."

7 KB

Burt Ward: "Watch out, Batman. This could be tricky."

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