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Ian McShane as Al Swearengen: "How hard is the Legislature gonna squeeze our balls with regard to our title and properties, huh?"

89 KB

William Sanderson as E.B. Farnum: "First use for those fees is paying bribes to the Legislature."

255 KB

Ian McShane: "I don't wanna talk to these cock suckers, but ya have to. In life, you have to do a lot of things you don't f***in' want to do. Many times that's what the f*** life is, one vile f***ing task after another... But, don't get aggravated... Then the enemy has you by the short hair."

40 KB

Timothy Olyphant as Seth Bullock: "It doesn't have to be like that."

209 KB

Ian McShane: "You been lyin', Jimmy... The smell of cat's piss in this room is so bad I want to burn down the f***ing building... Lyin' causes cat-piss smell. Whew! I wanna tear this entire f***ing structure down."

80 KB

Molly Parker as Alma Garret: "As much as you can, please minimize your obscenities."

150 KB

Ian McShane: "You motherless f***ing whores."

Courier: "F*** you!"

McShane: "F*** me??"

70 KB

Ian McShane: "You do realize I'm presenting you with a mutual f***ing problem."

75 KB

Powers Boothe as Cy Tolliver: "Let it be known that's the wrong ox to gore."

87 KB

Ian McShane: "People! That's what we're calling those c*** suckers now, huh? That's the way things are headed."

53 KB

Powers Boothe: "It's no picnic, is it, honey, runnin' pussy."

63 KB

Timothy Olyphant: "Under the circumstances, I'd say that's comin' pretty hard."

44 KB

Molly Parker: "What do you propose?"

41 KB

Ian McShane: "F***in' pussy."

37 KB

Ray McKinnon as Reverend H.W. Smith: "I'm in a quandary, gentlemen."

91 KB

Jeffrey Jones: "My office was ransacked and feces mounded in the corner."

56 KB

Ian McShane: "Tell him I'll receive him in my f***ing chambers."

84 KB

Ian McShane: "I should've brought in a replacement, is my f***ing point."

193 KB

Ian McShane: "I think you'd be all right as sheriff."

Timothy Olyphant: "I don't want it."

McShane: "Hell, I do lots of things I don't wanna do."

116 KB

Timothy Olyphant: "You show 'em how to get here, and you tell 'em I'll be waiting."

67 KB

Ian McShane: "Shut the f*** up, huh??"

177 KB

Ian McShane: "Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. You got a stagecoach to catch or somethin'?... Slow the f*** up."

115 KB

Ray McKinnon: "Do I smell strangely to you? Do I have a strange odor about me?"

45 KB

Ray McKinnon: "I apologize for the smell."

86 KB

Anna Gunn as Martha Bullock: "A child in solitude cannot find his gift for society."

49 KB

Ray McKinnon: "Something's been amiss the last week or so."

139 KB

Ian McShane: "Something you gotta know about specialists. They pay a premium, and they never cause f***in' trouble."

126 KB

Ian McShane: "How's Trixie's spirits seem to you, huh?"

Brad Dourif: "Her abscess seems fine."

McShane: "That ain't what I asked."

Dourif: "And I don't answer for the state of people's spirits."

77 KB

Robin Weigert: "Refined spirits'll sometimes convulse me."

123 KB

Ian McShane: "Okay, just go ahead and spit it out. You don't need to swallow it. Just spit it out."

249 KB

Ian McShane: "E.B., steal none of this money."

William Sanderson: "Gratuitous, hurtful, and unnecessary."

McShane: "When I deal with these c*** suckers down the road, I need to be able to look any one of them in the eye, name what they were paid, and know I'm right."

Sanderson: "Understood, intact, and undiminished."

95 KB

Ian McShane: "Jesus! What a f***ing stink!!"

53 KB

Dayton Callie as Charlie Utter: "Mind where you stomp your f***in' feet!"

58 KB

Powers Boothe as Cy Tolliver: "That's an interesting piece of strange."

130 KB

Molly Parker: "What tea do you enjoy?"

Ian McShane: "I like that f***ing black Darjeeling."

85 KB

Paula Malcomson as Trixie: "Tread lightly who lives in hope of pussy."

72 KB

Anna Gunn as Martha Bullock: "I feel an urgency about the matter which brings me."

137 KB

William Sanderson: "Ya used me as a pawn, Al."

Ian McShane: "And you f***ed up the game, is the central f***ing present issue."

91 KB

Ian McShane: "The only time you're supposed to open your yap is so I can put my f***in' prick in it. Otherwise, you shut the f*** up."

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